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Hard rock music took the music industry by storm in the mid-1960s but gained popularity in the 1970s. Guns N’ Roses took a portion of the hard rock music in 1985. Their debut album Appetite for Destruction in 1987 reached number one on the Billboards hot 100 a year after it was released. The album has sold at least 30 million copies worldwide.

With quite a number of musical tours on their name, the upcoming Guns N’ Roses concert in April 16, 2017 will be a make or break event for the band.The performance will be followed by a bigger stadium tour. The California Music Festival has listed Guns N’ Roses as one of their artists scheduled to perform in the event. A few members of the band who had left have confirmed their participation in the event. However, their involvement in music festival still does not tell what 2017 holds for the band. . The Coachellaevent is also being organized as a reunion concert. There are still major questions that arise from the reunion. Considering one of the bands lead guitarist left in July 2015, this will be a big test of how well the band has evolved over the past few years. Guns N’ Roses fans will are eagerly waiting to know who will play the major instruments since some of the members left last year. It will also be a wonderful trip down the memory line for the band. Most of the band members have not shared a stage with each other since 1993 so critics will be keen to see how the upcoming concert unfolds. The return of former band member Slash will also drive many people to attend the concert.The last time the band performed together was July 17, 1993, in Buenos Aires. It is still unclear whether founding members, guitarist Izzy Stradlin and drummer Steven Adler will be part of the Coachella act. Fans also hope that the band will also do more concerts and tours after the Coachella show. Guns N’ Roses most successful tour was the Use Your Illusion trek of 1991-1993, so fans expect nothing but the best come April 2017. On the other hand Guns N’ Roses has been criticized for showing up late for concerts than the time advertised and cancelling tours. Will this still be the case in 2017?

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